05 November 2006

Worthy Words

Gordon MacDonald's insightful and understanding thoughts on the revelation of Haggard's sin are worth memorizing.

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Anonymous said...

I do not think that any of us would look very impressive if the world could see our sin, it may not be as scandalous as Teds but I am sure we would all be shocked at every single church member's sinful baggage. We are called to repent and be sorry for the sin, not just to be sorry for being caught.

Christains with homosexual urges are in an awful position, If it became public that I had looked at straight pornography I would be sternly rebuked, as I should be, and I am deeply regretful of my sin and pray that I overcome such dreadful sin in my life. I am no better than Ted, sin is sin and it is (in my humble view) homophobia to see Ted's sin as in a different class to mine.

I respect Christian leaders as they put themselves in the firing line but we are all sinful and there is a bit of Ted in all of us. I hope that Ted repents of his sin and it only by the grace of God that I do not have to carry the same heavy burden of sinful desire that he does.

It is a bad arguement to say that he was at fault for opposing same sex marraige because of his own activities, everyone is sinful and it does not mean that we should not desire to remove sin from our lives. What we should not do is condemn people when we are ouselves worthy of condemnation as we all are.