07 November 2006

Showers of Blessing

Sunday, November 5 will be long remembered with joy by the folks at Trinity Road Chapel. A baptismal service was on the books. We made it a family service so all the children could be in to hear the testimonies and witness three ladies being baptised. We also prayed earnestly that God would bless these three baptismal candidates with family members to come with them to church.

When the day arrived, the Lord did abound in giving us His favour. The lower chapel was filled to capacity as was the upper balcony. We were all amazed. The friends and family of the candidates came, but so too did a number of individuals that no one had invited or expected to come. We were grateful for their presence with us in the service. One deacon remarked to me later that when he looked out on the congregation after coming in from the vestry, he could see no wood--the pews were full.

The testimonies of the three baptised will long be remembered for their clarity in detailing Christ's saving power. Of special note was a young lady's named Becky. The Lord visited the singing as the people were quite moved to praise. My sons had an extended conversation later about how powerful the singing sounded to them that morning. And several said they were encouraged by the clear gospel preached from Titus 3. The church was abuzz with encouragement and joy. The church is now busy praying for those yet without Christ who attended, that they may come to a saving knowledge of Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

Coming close to celebrating 20 years in full-time ministry, I know these days deserve remembering and called to mind during other, less encouraging times. So please indulge me as I set out a marker declaring that God visited us with His blessing and favour. May He in His goodness and mercy continue to do so, and may He be pleased to favour your congregation with a similar refreshing! And let us be careful to remember Him with praise and thanks for the things He does among us.

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