13 November 2006

5 Characteristics of a Healthy Church

Phil 1:9-11
17 Nov 2006
Trinity Road Chapel
Sunday AM Sermon Outline

I. Increasing in love which is insightful and engaged in service (v. 9)

II. Investigating liberties to focus on excellence (v. 10a)

III. Integrity of life that passes test of scrutiny from God and neighbour (v. 10b)

IV. Intense holiness derived from a vital union w/ Christ (v. 11)

V. Intention to direct all efforts to God's glory (v. 11)


Anonymous said...

Now that you have "let the cat out of the bag" does this mean I can sleep in on sunday morning now?

Doug McMasters said...

Ahh, but it is the meat on the bone that is worth eating--that you'll have to stay awake to taste.