22 January 2008

You have made me a different person

From the helpful pen of Thomas Brooks:

All true holiness is the immediate fruit of genuine
union with Christ. Christ is made not only wisdom,
righteousness, and redemption—but He is also made
sanctification to us, 1 Cor. 1:30. He who is in Christ
is a new creature. He has . . .
a new head,
a new heart,
a new lip,
a new life,
a new spirit,
new principles,
new ends.

He can truly say, "I am not the man that I was!
I was a lion—yet holiness has made me a lamb!
I was a wolf—yet holiness has made me a sheep!
I was a raven—yet holiness has made me a dove!"


Ebeth said...

Already yet not yet

Cherie said...

How nice to accidentally come across your blog. I look forward to lots of reading!
(we worked together at GTY a number of years ago...Royal helped to deliver one of my grandchildren)
Grace and Peace!